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Ningaloo Firm Clay

Sale price$35.00

Hold: Firm Hold.
Finish: Matte.
Scent: "Oceania". 
A sweet, aquatic citrus opening, bound into a woody and earthy finish.

A high-holding, vegan matte clay. Designed to provide a resilient firm-hold with a satisfying scoop and breakdown, Ningaloo is a product that provides loads of volume and texture. The Australian Aboriginal Wajarri language word “Ningaloo” translates to “high land jutting into the sea” and we’ve embraced the Ningaloo Coast in this product’s design by bringing a combination of the ocean and earthiness to the scoop, appearance, and scent of this product. It offers a creamy, dry breakdown and application that converts to high levels of texture and grit.

4oz / 114g Amber Glass Jar

Ethical in production and ingredients. We believe in 100% transparency with our formulas.

If you are an international customer, please see our stockist page for your local stockist.

Hair Styling For Men. Bayside Grooming Co. Matte Clay
Ningaloo Firm Clay Sale price$35.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
scott Fraser
Great product

Toxin free, highly quality hair wax can't go wrong.

At first it seemed a little 'light' and water but once you apply it the hold is quite impressive.

Finally a great product.

Coming from someone who has used Hanz De Fuko Claymation and Blumaan Cavalier - this hands down wins it for me.

Very strong hold with a nice matte finish. Adds lots of texture, volume and lasts from start until end of day. Pleasant smelling.

I have a short messy fade.

good product

I recently tried Ningaloo Clay, a fiber-paste type clay that offers a refreshing departure from traditional concrete-hard clays. This product has impressed me with its ease of application, providing great volume without weighing down or making my hair greasy. As someone with thin, fine, straight Asian hair, I've experimented with numerous brands, and Ningaloo Clay stands out as my favorite. While the label claims it is an organic product free from chemicals, I must admit that as a non-expert in chemicals, I noticed a few chemical ingredients listed on the bottle. I encourage those more knowledgeable in this area to provide further insights. Nonetheless, as a light-weight clay paste, it delivers exceptional performance and has an appealing fragrance. Overall, I highly recommend Ningaloo Clay for anyone seeking a quality, volumizing hair product.

Exactly what I was looking for

I’ve been using all types of pomades from the US and finally decided to give a local brand a try and I am so happy I did. I ordered Ningaloo Firm Clay due to the descriptions of it being matte/dry and it was exactly that. For a short messy look, it is absolutely perfect. And it goes a long way. The tiniest scoop keeps my hair in check all day. Easy to apply and easy to wash out too. Plus, it’s well priced and was shipped quickly. Well done guys. I’ve found my new go to!

2023 Formula

The new 2023 formula is spot on! Just buy it
Keep up the great work