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The Holy Quintrinity

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Find your style with the Holy Quintrinity. Our entire hair styling range, full size, so you always have the perfect product for any occasion. 

1 x Heavy Hold Pomade
1 x Matte Paste
1 x Ningaloo Firm Clay
1 x Styling Cream
1 x Water Based Pomade

Ethical in production and ingredients. We believe in 100% transparency with our formulas.

Heavy Hold Pomade: Our strongest hold product yet, this will give you slick and tight style with a light shine all day long.
Heavy Hold | Light Shine

Matte Paste: A dry, sticky, paste that offers texture, volume and great resilience in hot and humid climates.
Med-Firm Hold | Matte

Ningaloo Firm Clay: Designed to provide a resilient firm-hold with a satisfying scoop and breakdown.
Firm Hold | Matte Finish

Styling Cream: Smooth and lightweight conditioning cream designed to give control in loose holding styles.
Light Hold | Natural Finish

Water Based Pomade: Our most versatile hair-styling product withstands heat and humidity and can be styled with fine comb lines or can be finger-combed through hair for a more natural style.
Firm Hold | Natural to Matte Finish

Check out the individual product pages for full list of ingredients.

Check out the individual product pages for the full how-to guide.

Customer Reviews

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Incredible stuff

I made a single experimental order of Bayside products recently and just prior to them releasing the bundle, but I just knew I'd need more; the price, scents, effectiveness and ease of use can't be turned down. Hands down some of my favourite products.

Also, to harp on the scents again...A++++

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